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Tatiana Susvaliuc

Tatiana is an illustrator with an open mind for experimental illustration. Her final work responds to a connection between valuable religious, cultural significance and difference between them. Human history proves that the majority of wars, cultural conflicts, terrorist acts were undertaken by religious convicts and aggressive desire of owning the right God. Many people blindly believe that their religion is the rightest, truest one among the other ones, missing from attention the simplest factors and motives that provide the similarities between many religions. Every religion was created to bring all of the people together, but instead people selfishly build an army to fight for their own beliefs. The goal of each religion is to teach people what a true love is, how to reach it, learn its true essence. From Tatiana’s point of view Love is the only and the truest religion that we need to follow. All the religions that do exist around the world were created for each culture individually, representing the mood and uniqueness of that culture, not to bring all of them agains each other.

Instagram: @TAT.illustration


Philippa Kane