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Sophie Shortland


Sophie is an illustrator who is interested in children’s publishing. ‘Delilah’ tells the story of a beautiful dove who suddenly loses her feathers. Delilah learns to come to terms with her new image and embraces the fact that it’s what on the inside that matters most.

She wrote and illustrated Delilah because she wanted to send a message to a young audience: ‘you don’t to be beautiful to be loved’. Young people are seeking fame and fortune through social media because of their image, children are constantly exposed to unrealistic and unattainable physiques causing children to struggle with body image issues more than ever. If you can teach your child that looks don’t matter from a young age, then this may have a positive impact on their self-image. A lesson can be learnt from fat, pink and naked Delilah; she may not be what society deems as beautiful, but she is happy.

‘So the next morning she sung with pride, she danced around and she spread her wings wide!  At the end of her song she wanted the animals to think, ‘You should love me whatever, whether I’m feathered or pink!’

Instagram: @sophieshortlandillustration

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