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Sophie Cane


Ziran is a hand-crafted educational tool designed to engage children in the active learning of the textile industry through recycled and sustainable materials. With the textile industry being labelled the second biggest polluter on the planet, Sophie’s work aims to tackle this issue through the next generation in a unique and exciting way. Creating a pack which only consists of eco-friendly materials involves children in the action of creativity through sustainable options instead of the ‘new’ , showing the possibilities of food and material waste. The title of Ziran, the Chinese word for ‘Nature’ and all things belonging to one’s self, highlights the usage of only natural ingredients being obtained within the pack. Creating her own natural dyes from vegetable waste, and turning these into ecological screen-printing inks, Sophie’s work captivates her ideas to the target audience. Her work also continually adjusts itself to challenge social issues, finding an interactive way to suggest change to the involved user or audience. 

Instagram: @sophsdraws


Philippa Kane