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Jemma Skellett

Water, Heat, Time

Water, heat and time are important components that allows minerals to blend together to
form unique compositions. Jemma has focused on the rigid atomic structure of a Silicate
mineral (SiO 4 ) 4- , a tetrahedron and combined this with contrasting colours, shapes and
patterns to show the process of different minerals being filtered through and crystallising.
The pattern is formed using acrylic as this material has a similarity to the process Jemma is
responding to, due to the having to fuse plastics together. The plastic has been worked into
a mosaic as she was inspired by how some silicate minerals are only visible under a
microscope. To illustrate how minerals, form in stages the work has been presented in a
lightbox, which also vibrantly illuminates how the colours are influenced by the changes in
pressure, temperature and mineral content.

Instagram: @jemma_skellett


Philippa Kane