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Freya Neighbour

Biology of the Imagination

Freya Neighbour is an illustrator driven by the use of art as a tool to heal people and places. Holding the belief that our relationships with our minds, bodies, and the Earth are vitally connected, she uses artmaking as a way to feel present in a distracting, busy world. Biology of the Imagination explores the natural world as a metaphor for human emotion; visualising growth and trauma recovery in seeds, cells, and roots. Grounded in drawing and painting as healthy ritual, the work demonstrates how meaning may be found in the strange wonder of life on Earth – an antidote to existential dread in the face of anxiety and climate chaos. The imagined landscapes are simultaneously insular scenes and universal planes. They evoke such symbiotic oppositions as grounding vs floating, presence vs absentmindedness, order vs chaos, discord vs harmony.

instagram: @freyaneighbour


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