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Emily Hands

Bed & Brexit

The quilt concept was designed to reflect a topic discussed in all homes, and to reflect the parallels of uncomfortable feelings felt in a time of uncertainty; when the public are in need of comfort, regarding their decisions on Brexit. From local research, participants strongly associated the Union Jack as an image which reflected their sense of Britishness. The symmetry of the Union Jack also correlates to the almost equal vote in the referendum. Images for example ‘the full English Breakfast’, were quoted when asked in a questionnaire, ‘What
things make you proud to be British?’. The public submitted the colours blue for remain and red for leave, correlating to the colours used by the two main political parties. The central panel consists of a map of Norfolk, to which images associated to the area flow towards. Commercial fabric patches, represent local industry such as, fishing, sea fairing and arable farming. People felt a strong connection with local, iconic brands and landmarks expressed who they were, regardless of whether they wanted to remain or leave the European Union. An item like a quilt, reassures and soothes the user, giving a sense of safety and security like home.

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Katherine Priestley