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Ellen Harling

People of the Pots & Skid Kids

Ellen Harling is a multi-disciplinary illustrator working across a range of printmaking techniques and
drawing mediums. Her work takes inspiration primarily from her fascination in historical stories and
artefacts, often through collaboration with cultural institutions. Through her research-led illustrative
projects, she aims to uncover hidden or overlooked stories and explore them in a contemporary
way, engaging diverse audiences with stories, cultures and ideas throughout time. For People of the
Pots, Ellen worked with Colchester Museum’s collection of Roman ‘face pots’, focusing on the
characters represented on the them and aiming to inspire imaginative thinking around the lives of
ancient artefacts. Skid Kids is a personal project researching the youth culture of cycle speedway in
1940’s London, aiming to revive a little-known story of creation out of destruction through risograph

Instagram: ellenharlingillustration


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