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Alysha Murphy


Alysha has been inspired by concept art books for video games, such as Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. Her aim was to create her own short book, illustrating designs for her own game; with characters, locations and creatures. The game itself is set around a cult horror, taking inspiration from the Mexican cult ‘Los Narcosatanicos’ who believed sacrifices, rituals and voodoo would bless their drug dealings and keep them protected from police. Alysha’s game protagonists taken by a cult, who follow beliefs and practices of Los Narcosatanicos, aiming to make their human sacrifice in order to protect themselves from harm. Her book has also been inspired by games such as: Outlast 2, Resident Evil 7, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Far Cry 5.

Instagram: alyshalouiseart

Katherine Priestley